Roman blind styles

The style of the Roman Blind refers to how the blind will stack when pulled up.

Roman blinds stack neatly above the top of the window for a sleek contemporary finish. Available in two styles, backspaced where the pleats fold neatly behind the front pleat, and layered where the bottom of each pleat is visible creating a waterfall effect. The headrails can be either manually operated with a cord & cleat or with a chain control mechanism (similar to that of a roller blind) enabling a smooth and tidy operation.

  • Backstacked with cord control

    Only the front pleat of the roman is visible all the other pleats stack entirely behind this. A backstacked roman has a more contemporary feel than a layered and also takes up less stacking space.
  • Layered with chain control

    A Layered stack creates a waterfall effect allowing the bottom of each pleat of the roman to be visible when pulled up.
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