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Motorised Blinds

Motorisation of roller blinds has shifted window furnishings into a new era of sophistication and intelligence. Our extensive selection of both battery and wired motors from Rollease Acmeda delivers you a comprehensive range of the latest technology that is quiet, effective and convenient, you deserve a little luxury.

Key Benefits

  • No chains offer a more child safety blind
  • Can open multiple blinds at the same time
  • Setting timers and favourite positions mean you can reduce UV into the home at specific times of day
  • Security benefits as you can operate the blinds even if you are not at home
  • Ease of operation for those people facing physical challenges especially with large heavy blinds

Adding a reliable motor to your blinds will provide you with the ease and control you want. At the push of a button, you can raise or lower your blinds or even control them using a timer, so that they are in the perfect position at the right time of any day.

Whether you're building from new or renovating your existing home, roller blinds can now feature the latest motorisation to suit your needs.

Our Range

Hard Wired

  • For home automation systems
  • New builds
  • Warranty 7 years

Battery Operated

  • Option for solar powered motors
  • Choice of various strength motors able to control small, medium and large blinds together with double linked blinds
  • Warranty 5 years

Whatever your needs are we have a solution for you, call one of our nationwide experts for a free in-home consultation.

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