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5 Ways Custom Curtains and Blinds Enhance Your Home Life

Despite hanging in almost every home, curtains don't get a lot of credit or attention for the work they do. Often an afterthought, or seen as a 'necessity' over something that is actually desired, it's time we saw the true value of custom curtains, and how they have the ability to shape our interiors.

Here are five ways that curtains enhance our home life

1. They can reduce sound

While curtains cannot block out noise completely, there are a few tricks you can use to help reduce sound travelling through your windows and into your home - essential if you only have single-glazed glass.

The first one is to choose custom curtains made of thick fabric and always opt for a thermal lining. And secondly, consider installing blinds too, as the more layers sound has to travel through, the more significant the noise reduction.

2. They provide insulation against heat and cold

New Zealand homes aren't particularly well known for their ability to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which is why investing in custom-made curtains is imperative for temperature control. And the great thing is - you don't have to have different sets depending on the season, as thermal-backed curtains do both jobs.

They minimise whatever is happening outside and inside. So if the sun is streaming through the windows, you use curtains to block it. And when winter arrives, the curtains provide a barrier, keeping generated heat in and chilly air out.

You need to ensure you get the right fit, though, as any gaps on either side of the window, or above and below, will reduce their effectiveness, which is why custom curtains are highly recommended, as they are made to specific measurements.

Their benefit is twofold - a lovely home inside and lower electricity bills from heating or cooling rooms.

3. They allow for privacy

No one likes living in a goldfish bowl, so curtains are the best option for ensuring you get privacy from the outside world.

And the great thing is, with the variety of materials and options on offer, you can still have the benefit of looking out while enjoying a private lifestyle indoors. Sheers made of voile, organza or muslin fabric are a favourable discreet option, and venetian blinds or shutters can be tilted to still allow in light. There is also the option of sunscreen roller blinds and blockout blinds, contemporary, no-fuss window treatments that are great at assisting with insulation and privacy.

4. They create a personalised 'atmosphere'

We all like to think of ourselves as individuals with our personal tastes, and curtains are the perfect way to create a unique look inside our homes.

For those who prefer minimalism, you can choose a plain fabric or something with a raised pattern for texture. But if colour is more your thing, it is easy to achieve a fresh, vibrant look without the hassle of it being permanent - if you change your mind in a year or two.

And with Harrisons, there is never any worry of selecting the wrong curtains or blinds for your interior, as our experts come to you as part of our free in-home consultation.

5. They can control your environment

It may sound a little strange, but curtains actually have the ability to make our spaces feel a particular way, which in turn has an effect on how we feel when we are in a room.

In your bedroom, you'll probably want to have a relaxing environment, and this can certainly be accomplished by using a soft, flowing fabric that drapes on the floor. And a light colour - perhaps a pastel, cream or white - will add to the 'feeling' of calm.

If you have a large living area where you want the ability to create more of a cosy, intimate space, thick drapes in a dark colour can definitely help it appear small and enclosed - perfect for a dinner party on a chilly winter's night.

Don't leave it to chance. Make sure you choose the right curtains or blinds that will help to define the style you want to achieve in your home. Book your free in-home consultation with Harrisons Curtains and Blinds today.

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