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A Guide to Tiny House Interior Design with Sun-Protection Window Blinds

Sun protection blinds in a tiny house interior

Tiny house interior design has increased in popularity over the years. But people often overlook an essential aspect of tiny house interiors – blinds and curtains. This seemingly small detail of a tiny home interior can completely change how a space feels, both in a design sense and physically! Read on to learn more about choosing the right sun-protection window blinds and curtains for your tiny home!


In a small space such as a tiny home, natural light will work wonders to open things up and prevent the home from feeling cramped. As well as making your tiny house feel more welcoming and open, utilising natural light means you will rely less on electrical light sources, reducing your energy bill.

If you want to let the natural light into your tiny house interior while maintaining some privacy, sheer curtains or venetian blinds are both great options! You can let the sunlight in and keep prying eyes out simultaneously.


As tiny house interiors are so small, they can heat up fast. Too much sunlight, and you’ll find your home gets stuffy and hot. That’s where sun protection window blinds can be a great help. At Harrisons, we have a range of sunscreen roller blinds available that are partially transparent and will filter up to 95% of the harsh UV rays. These blinds provide privacy during the day and protect your interiors.

If you live in a colder climate and want to keep the heat in rather than out, Thermacell blinds are a great option. Thermacell blinds are pleated fabric blinds available in various colours and cell sizes. They have exceptional insulating properties, as air is trapped in the cellular honeycomb construction, creating an effective barrier against cold windows and draughts.

Using blinds to control temperature is a great way to keep your energy bill down, as you won’t have to rely on heating in winter or air conditioning in the summer.


In addition to their practicality, curtains and blinds can bring effortless style to your tiny house interior. It’s best to stick with neutral furniture and décor; bold furniture can make your tiny home seem even smaller.

However, if you want to add colour or a fun pattern, the curtains are the perfect place to do so! Choose a fun floral or bold geometric design to add personality and flair to your tiny home.

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