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What Home Renovation Shows have Taught Us about Home Improvements

There's no doubt about the popularity of home makeover shows there's no shortage of them on our TV screens. But while many of us watch for the drama, and of course to critique the room reveals from the comfort of our couch, careful watching between the lines will provide you with helpful insights.

Here's the key takeaways we've gathered from all our 'research' of home renovation shows

Take the time to plan

In most reality TV situations, time is very minimal for room completions - in your own home there's obviously a lot more freedom. However, this doesn't make planning any less essential. If you want to get the right result, you need to plan your renovation and this starts with creating a mood board that details colour and overall theme, to considering design practicality and what's required to achieve the look and finish.

If you're needing inspiration, check out six of the best New Zealand interior Instagram profiles to follow. And here's a few more tips on how to choose the right colours and patterns for your home.

Stick to your budget

Budgets are the source of a lot of home makeover issues and this is something we can all learn from. From not understanding the true cost of big ticket items, to impulse purchases, and running out of money half-way through, these can all spell disaster when it comes to home renos. And yet it is something we see happen time and again.

Perhaps it comes down to the fact that budgets are boring or get in the way of exciting transformations. But the last thing you want when refurbishing your home is living in a construction zone for months because you ran out of the folding stuff. So, learn from the TV competitors, draw up a budget (and accept you'll probably go 10 to 20 per cent over that due to unforeseen circumstances), then stick to it!

Take care of all the absolute essentials first (electrics/plumbing/flooring). Then you can focus on the smaller details, these are the ones which can be put on hold if necessary.

Hidden details matter

A lot of home makeover shows display the 'pretty things' like design aesthetics, enviable homewares, cool features and gadgets. And of course, these things are important to the final look of a room, but laying the right foundations first is an absolute must! We're talking good insulation, waterproofing in wet spaces and ensuring the foundations of your property are sound.

It can be frustrating to allocate funds to the elements that you can't see, especially when fitting out a room will take a large chunk of the budget anyway, but these aspects are crucial to a successful renovation. These 'hidden details' will also aid in making your home more comfortable to live in.

Window treatments that win rooms

As we all know, the final touches are what make or break a room. TV experts tell contestants that they have not done enough, or all the elements haven't been pulled together properly, and there is certainly some lessons to be learned here.

All too often the window dressings are an after-thought. Hastily-hung curtains that are too long or short, the wrong colour or forgetting about blackout or thermal products to make bedrooms warm and comfortable. It can be such a let-down to see this important feature seemingly forgotten.

Assess what window treatment each room needs. Here's a quick guide to choosing the right curtains and blinds for your home.

Innovating for the 'wow' factor

There's really no point in updating your home if you're just going to stick to the status quo. Renovation is about creating a new, enjoyable space that offers a fresh lifestyle change, so think outside the square!

Of course, it can be risky fans of home reno shows would have seen some disasters over the years. However, there have been plenty of times where creating a 'wow' factor has paid off. Have a think about how your home makeover can take things to the next level (if the budget allows). Perhaps an indoor swinging chair, large skylight in the living space or large sliding barn doors into a butler's pantry? Apartment Therapy will give you tonnes of ideas.

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