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Laundry Styling - 12 months of home renovations

By Harrisons Interior Designer, Anita Shirley

This year I am restyling your home, room by room so we can really get down to the nitty gritty details and tips on how to have the most stylish home in the neighbourhood! May is all about your Laundry and we are going to create a space that will make your friends and family envious! The laundry is often disregarded as the messy dumping ground that’s always hidden, but we are going to transform this dungeon into a beautiful extension of your home.


The first and most important step is planning! The laundry will never be the largest room in your home, in most cases, it’s the smallest, which is ironic seeing as it is one of the hardest working rooms in most households. The key is understanding that there’s no point in having a beautiful laundry that can’t function the way you need it to. You need to style this room so you have enough space for washing, ironing, folding and drying while moving around comfortably, so you don’t suffocate in your kid’s dirty rugby socks!

TIP: If you have minimal space, you can get a benchtop built around the washing machine and dryer. That is the best place for it because it’s space efficient in any scenario - Make sure you have a front loader for this!


The laundry contains a multitude of must-haves, such as a sink, washer, benchtop, and laundry baskets along with space to move around. Think carefully about what is most important to you. If you have minimal space but a dryer is still essential in your household, then I suggest stacking it above the washing machine or simply getting a washing machine that does both. This will instantly widen your space and allow room for other items that will make your life easier!

TIP: If you have a dog, then I recommend a deep sink so that you not only have somewhere to soak your clothes but also a dog washing station. Harrisons has an expansive range of flooring options available for those wetter areas.

Cupboard space

Cupboard space is essential, as the laundry is the perfect place to store all the cleaning products and pet supplies. Consider a tall cupboard, that will allow for space to store your brooms and mops.

TIP: If you don’t have space for cupboards then have open shelving, this looks great, so long as you keep it tidy, and if you are wanting to save costs, you can use laminates benchtops instead of expensive engineered stone or timber for a fraction of the cost.

Colour pallete

When deciding the colour pallete of this room, I recommend keeping to neutral tones on the walls and ceiling. This leaves the opportunity to add strong hues throughout this space such as a coloured laundry basket or storage containers that tie in with your colour scheme. If colour is not your forte then think about adding black cabinetry, laundry baskets and ornaments, not only is this simple but it will add a luxury feel to this space as well.

TIP: Paint the ceiling a lighter colour shade than the walls.This will give an illusion that this space is bigger than it is, making you feel less claustrophobic when you’re folding the clothes!


Lighting is essential in the laundry as it’s usually tucked away at the back of the house with not a huge amount of natural lighting. By ensuring there is a light over the sink, you will ensure you have full visibility at all times. The lighter this room is the better, as not only will it help you notice the tiny red stain on your top from brunch, but it will assist in drying the clothes faster.

TIP: Replace your existing bulbs with LED’s this will brighten up the space & save you money on your next power bill.

Happy Styling

Anita xx

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